rwmCoverFlow rwmPodNav rwmSwivelImage : cover flow like effects in javascript

This page intentionally left ugly!

Hi guys. Please do not be put off by this simple intro screen. This used to go straight into my rwmCoverFlow + rwmPodNav page but I have started the rewrite and need to draw your attention to the new stuff.

The simple and, unfortunately, unconvincing effect that I use to achieve my javascript cover flow has been repackaged as rwmSwivelImage. This will allow me to be more flexible in how the cover flow stuff evolves. Lots of people want to use it but everyone's need is slightly different. I do not like big single-purpose applications, however configurable they may be. I prefer a modular toolkit from which solutions can be built.

rwmCoverFlow + rwmPodNav (version2)

This is the second release of my original script. It is a cover flow alike component that is really fast and smooth. It is especially nice when coupled with my click wheel alike component. Just run your mouse in a circle and it speeds through the album covers.

rwmCoverFlow slideshow

Someone wanted the cover flow to run as a slideshow. This did not require any code changed within the actual component - only the in-page code that sets it up. I have removed the rwmPodNav from this as it cycles through automatically.

*NEW* rwmSwivelImage test#1

I have repackaged the important slanty top/bottom effect into a class of it's own, to be known as a swivel image. This is a simple test of that class. The rwmPodNav is back so you can interact with the image a bit.

*NEW* rwmSwivelImage test#2 - Image Propeller

Check out the Image Propeller test where 20 images are spinning as if in a slide projector carousel. There are 2 configurable parameters in this demo

Contact me

I'd be keen to hear from anyone who likes this, or wants to use it. It's not really ready to roll-out yet - still in the experimental stage. Let me know how you think it could work better. Be realistic though! Cheers,